* Thursday 18th of november, 14h-15h (Paris time), "webchoreography" reariting.
the body, the screen, the interface, the dance -> EN ANGLAIS

* Vendredi 19 Novembre, 21h-22h (Paris time), "L'écoute" licriture -> IN FRENCH
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*Reariting (licriture) manifests itself as a facilitator for a diffractive, distributed intelligence on-the-fly, creating text and relational patterns that do not depend on canons. It generates creative and unexpected “outcomes”. These are, in my opinion, not so much the texts produced, as the “diffractive moments” experienced by the reariters.
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Reariting is a reading and writing that goes on between several people on one and the same collective digital writing pad (that appears the same on all screens involved). At the start, the participants find a short text on the same online document. During a specific time slot, they read it while writing their notes, ideas, reactions, digressions, ones through the others. The text serves as a source of inspiration, debate, conflict and inventiveness shared in the moment. The authors are free to tear the text apart by collectively analysing parts of it as they read, or to turn away from it and concentrate on the flow of words and colours from others that begin to form on the page.

Licriture est une lecture et une écriture qui se déroule entre plusieurs personnes sur un seul et même pad d'écriture numérique collectif. Au départ, les participants trouvent un court texte sur le pad. Pendant un créneau horaire précis, ils le lisent tout en écrivant leurs notes, idées, réactions, digressions, les unes à travers les autres. Les auteurs sont libres de déchirer le texte en analysant collectivement certaines parties au fur et à mesure de leur lecture, ou de s'en détourner pour se concentrer sur le flux de mots et de couleurs des autres qui commencent à se former sur la page. Il ne s'agit pas de produire ensemble un texte, mais d'utiliser la licriture comme technique pour réfléchir un texte ensemble.
introduction / attunement - zoom.
reariting/licriture 40 min. - framapad

last years anarchives/anarchives de l'annèe dernière
open to all - uses zoom and framapad
This is not about producing a text together, but about using reariting as a technique to think through a text together.

Il ne s’agit pas de produire un texte ensemble, mais d’utiliser la licriture comme une technique pour mettre la pensée en commun.
On "Dancing Dead or Alive: Useless Bodies as Resistance within Necropolitical Web Choreographies" by Renee Carmichael .
Renee's website

We (Naoto Hieda, Danielle Imara, Suzon Fuks, Renee Carmichael (yes, the author), Carin, Pascale, Alice and Annie) used two pads: contained the introduction to the article, and started with a collection, made by Annie, of phrases from the article.

Here you can download a pdf of the two pads as they were on the 18th after the session.

Webchoreography1 .................................Webchoreography2..........................

Reactions: dancing on the keyboard - It would be nice if we can replay - playground - making movements on the pad is also to take up space - The coloured blocks make the space needed to be able to dance - The other in space and time of my words on the screen - reariting is dancing.
Link to a 7 min video reording of the history of the reariting made by Suzon Fuks right after on the 18th.
Link to the article:
Allo ? 
"À l'écoute" de Jean-Luc Nancy Luc_A_lecoute.pdf

With Emmanuelle Gibello, Célia Jerjini, Vincent Bonnefille, Marie Juillet, Alix, Carin, Gwen, Annie, Pascale et Alice.

PDF de mmhh :

PDF de aanhh :

PDF condensé
Re-prise collective : Ecoute
Re-turn webchoreography